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Leisure Management: Architects Toni Egger and Felix Tarantik transform ski gondolas into saunas. England, September 7, 2016. http://www.leisuremanagement.co.uk/detail.cfm?pagetype=detail&subject=product&codeID=326714


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Mako.co.il: זו כנראה הסאונה הכי משוגעת שאי פעם ראינו. By Liron Milstein. Israel, May 30, 2016.



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Tjock: BASTA I EN GAMMAL GONDOL. KUL ÅTERANVÄNDNING! By Roger Åberg. Sweden, May 27, 2016. http://tjock.se/hemmet/art/350101/basta_i_en_gammal_gondol/


Urban Daddy: Sauna + Gondola = This. Yes, This Is a Thing That Now Exists…. By Leah Butterfield. New York, U.S.A., May 26, 2016. http://www.urbandaddy.com/ntl/gear/37717/Saunagondel_Yes_This_Is_a_Thing_That_Now_Exists_National_NTL_Product


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Like Cool: The Saunagondel. By Ben. May 25, 2016. http://www.likecool.com/The_Saunagondel--Outdoor--Home.html


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Moeve Blog: Saunagondel und die PIQUÉE-Kollektion von möve auf der Möbelmesse Mailand. Germany, May 11, 2016.



Snowplaza: Heiß! Eine Saunagondel für echte Skifahrer. By Karl. Germany, May 10, 2016. http://www.snowplaza.de/weblog/7195-eine-saunagondel-fuer-echte-skifahrer/


Thrillist: THESE GONDOLAS ARE ACTUALLY INCREDIBLE MOBILE SAUNAS. By Dustin Nelson. U.S.A., May 9, 2016. https://www.thrillist.com/news/nation/saunagondels-are-mobile-saunas-in-gondolas


Ski Informatie: Zwitserse gondelliften omgebouwd tot sauna cabines. By Frank. Netherlands, May 7, 2016. http://skiinformatie.nl/zwitserse-gondelliften-omgebouwd-tot-sauna-cabines


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Lugares de Nieve: Las viejas cabinas de la estación suiza de Engelberg transformadas en originales saunas. By Carles Rusiñol. Spain, May 6, 2016.



Dom Info: Skijaške gondole pretvorene u fascinantne saune. Bosnia, May 5, 2016. http://www.dominfo.ba/skijaske-gondole-pretvorene-u-fascinantne-saune/


1kam1: Подвижна сауна от стара кабинка на лифт. Bulgaria, May 5, 2015. http://1kam1.com/podvizhna-sauna-ot-stara-kabinka-na-lift/


Clad Global: German design duo transform Swiss ski lift gondolas into lightweight mobile saunas. By Kim Megson. UK, May 5, 2016. http://www.cladglobal.com/CLADnews/architecture_design/Saunagondel-saunas-Toni-Egger-and-Felix-Tarantik-design-Germany-Alps-skiing/323836?source=home&p=1


Tech Insider and Business Insider UK: German designers are transforming ski gondolas into mobile saunas you can rent. By Danielle Muoio. May 5, 2016. http://www.techinsider.io/tarantik-and-egger-transform-ski-gondolas-into-saunas-2016-5http://uk.businessinsider.com/tarantik-and-egger-transform-ski-gondolas-into-saunas-2016-5


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N’olmuş?: Keyfin böylesi: Eski teleferik kabininden bozma mobil saunalar. By Caner Uzun. Turkey, May 4, 2016. http://www.nolm.us/keyfin-boylesi-eski-teleferik-kabininden-bozma-mobil-saunalar/


Perfect Wellness: Skilift omgetoverd tot sauna. Netherlands, May 4, 2016. http://perfectwellness.nl/1733-2/


Make me Feed: Swiss Ski gondalas transformed into amazing saunas that can be installed anywhere. U.S.A., May 4, 2016.



Inhabitat: Swiss Ski gondalas transformed into amazing saunas that can be installed anywhere. By Lidija Grozdanic. U.S.A., May 4, 2016.



Core77: Experimental Materials and the Handmade Digital: Highlights from Milan's Ventura Lambrate Design District. By Lin Yee Yuan. U.S.A., New York, April 20, 2016. http://www.core77.com/gallery/52103/Experimental-Materials-and-the-Handmade-Digital-Highlights-from-Milans-Ventura-Lambrate-Design-District#image=49


Zero: VENTURA-LAMBRATE. Italy, April 15, 2016. http://zero.eu/milano/eventi/35715-ventura-lambrate/

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The IDA Juries have finalized this year's annual Design Awards winners selections

Apr 13 2015

LOS ANGELES, Mar 26 2015 Los Angeles, Toni Egger Product Design of Germany was awarded: First Prize in Home Interior Products Competition for the Master of Arts in Design Project.

IDA honorary juries examined over 1000 entries submitted by architects and designers of interiors, fashion, products, and graphics from 52 countries throughout the world. After final decisions had been made, the jury rewarded the best professional and emerging designers for their achievements in terms of design, creativity, usability and innovation. Judging was a rigorous process, with winners receiving publication of their work in the International Design Awards Book of Designs. The coveted IDA Trophy will be awarded to all Designer of the Year title winners at the official biennial International Design Awards Ceremony in Los Angeles.

This annual competition recognizes, honors and promotes legendary design visionaries and uncovers emerging talents in Architecture, Interior, Product, Graphic and Fashion Design on global level.

The members of the jury included Alice Blackwood Editor, Design Quarterly, Kahi Lee - Host, HGTV's "Design on a Dime", Style Network's "My Celebrity Home", Melissa Sterry - Interdisciplinary Design Scientist, Founder, Societas,Josh Rubin - Editor-in-Chief, Founder, and Publisher, Cool Hunting, Martin Venzky - Stalling, Senior Advisor, CMU STeP, Jeffrey Nemeroff - Co-Founder, Creative Director, Entra Magazine, Jordan Landes-Brenman CEO, Haute House PR & Marketing, Raj Nandan - Managing Director, Indesign Group, William Menking - Founder, Editor-in-Chief, The Architects' Newspaper, Nicole Lloyd - Senior Art Buyer, Deutsch, Inc., Rebecca Epstein Kong - Co-founder, Artware Editions, Aaron Kenedi - Editor-in-Chief, Print, Geraldine Grisey - Editor, Punky B Fashion Diary.

Toni Egger Product Design of Germany, was awarded: First Prize prize in Home Interior Products competition for the Master of Arts in Design project.

This furniture was a cooperation with the last wood blending company of Switzerland, the Winkler AG. The old technique of blending massive wood with steam was invented by Michael Thonet in the 1830s. My challenge was it to design a product using this fascinating traditional handicraft technique in an contemporary modern way. The result is a table that is produced by traditional craft and also modern CNC technique. A valuable, elegant and high functional furniture that satisfies the requirements of the post industrial society. Material: massive walnut, brass, belt. Dimensions: 235 / 85 / 73 cm

ABOUT Toni Egger Product Design:
Formation 2012-2014 Master of Arts in Design, Institut Integrative Design University Basel / Switzerland. 2007-2010 Akademy of Arts and Crafts, Gut Rosenberg, Aachen / Germany. 2010 advanced training to get the highest titel in handcrafts, „master joiner“ in Aachen / Germany 2004-2006 apprenticeship as cabinetmaker 2003 secondary school Wangen i.A. Work experience 09.2012 - 04.2014 teaching and superviseing at the modelbuilding studio of the Institut for Integrative Design, University for Art and Design, Basel / Switzerland. 07.2011 - 02.2012 working as designer at Joinery Martin Bereuter in Bregenzerwald / Austria. 2004-2006 apprenticeship as cabinetmaker with the EU- program „Leonardo Da Vinci“ in three different european countries: -Joinery Gasser Sarnthein, Südtirol, Italy. -Joinery Perfil Cortes de la Frontera, Spanien. -Joinery Egger, Lindau am Bodensee, Germany. 2003-2004 alternative civilian service in Argentina asistent in a professional school educateing young craftsmen, foundation for young indigen people, Santiago del Estero Argentina.

Designer's Contact:
Toni Egger Product Design
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About IDA

A handful of designers, thinkers and entrepreneurs created the International Design Awards in 2007 as a response to the lack of recognition and celebration for smart and sustainable multidisciplinary design. The International Design Awards (IDA) exists to recognize, celebrate and promote legendary design visionaries and to uncover emerging talent in Architecture, Interior, Product, Graphic, and Fashion Design. IDA aspires to draw attention to the iconoclasm of design world wide, conceptualizing and producing great work.

For IDA Press Inquiries, Contact:
Hannah Lillethun
IDA Program Director
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